Ben Rine Does It Again

This Time With Peanut Butter & Jalapeño Raspberry Jam

If you’re looking to take your burger game to the next level, look no further than Divine Bovine. The restaurant is owned by Ben Rine, who is also the owner of Brushfire BBQ Co.

Ben Rine


Divine Bovine goes above and beyond with its burgers and fries. The flavor profile of their burgers is sure to challenge your conception of deliciousness. For example, their Funny Farm Hand burger includes peanut butter, jalapeño raspberry jam, sweet hot pickles, and white cheddar. While this combination of ingredients may seem unorthodox, Divine Bovine knows what they’re doing. Other ingredients showing up in their menu include pork belly, eggs, sherry-buttered onions, balsamic honey mayo, and candied bacon.

Divine Bovine also makes sure to offer a wide variety of sides and beer to compliment your meal. Some of their sides include roast beef fries, potato crisps, and fried pickles. I love a great burger but I think it is important to have a great side and the tripled fried fries are amazing as well as their tater tots. With that said, their special fries don’t come from a bag, they are handmade using Idaho Pure Gold Potatoes.

Ben Rine
Felipe Garcia

To wash things down you can enjoy soft drinks, horchata, lemonade, and shakes. But if you prefer a cold beer, you can choose from over 50 beers in a can or bottle. If you don’t know which ones to pick, you can create your mix and match bucket of beers. 

All in all, Divine Bovine has a wide selection of uncommon flavors and sides ready to amaze you. Be sure to bring an appetite!

Ben Rine
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Divine Bovine –

Address – 1021 N. Wilmot Rd. Tucson, AZ 85711

Hours: Mon-Sun 11 am-8 pm

(Visit their website for changes on hours of operation, special events, and catering)